Rajwinder DriverRajwinder Driver
19:34 28 Jun 24
Very engaging with kids. He makes learning easy. My daughter has really enjoyed her first 10 months with Jim. Would highly recommend to any parent.
Sam KiplingSam Kipling
16:18 24 Jun 24
Jim has been teaching my 9 year old son for around a year now.My son has developed an excellent rapport with Jim as his lessons are fun, informative and engaging. My son has made brilliant progress in a short time and has developed a really healthy and enduring attitude to practising his instrument. There was no pressure from Jim to pursue grades and, although my son chose to work towards Grade 1, Jim hasn’t made this scary or daunting or tried to rush things. Jim is flexible in his teaching style and provides praise, encouragement and really constructive feedback to help my son improve. Outside the exam pieces, Jim is happy to be child-led on the type of pieces to work on. This helps to maintain my son’s interest and enthusiasm for the discipline. I couldn’t be happier with how things are going.
09:59 24 Jun 24
Jim is an excellent teacher. The lessons are always enjoyable and Jim is very effective at tailoring sessions to suit the interests and needs of the student. I would 100% recommend Jim to anyone interested in learning to play the piano, including those, like me, who played as a child and want to pick it up again as an adult.
Declan O'HaganDeclan O’Hagan
11:08 16 May 23
Iv been learning Piano with Jim for weeks now and Jim is a great guy to learn piano with! Hes very patient and has passion for the piano! Would definelty recommend!
Rajvir DhillonRajvir Dhillon
16:41 07 Mar 22
Fab piano teacher, he’s fun patient and very knowledgeable. Great with children!! Highly recommend!!
Clare LofthouseClare Lofthouse
19:31 24 Nov 21
Jim is a brilliant, patient, funny, understanding and kind teacher. My son enjoys his piano lessons and as a great relationship with Jim.
Ava GeorgeAva George
19:43 16 Jul 20
An excellent piano teacher that helps you learn to play pieces that you like and have chosen as well as exam pieces. After 10 years of lessons i really love playing the piano and that’s thanks to Jim.
Bryan HarrisonBryan Harrison
11:09 29 Nov 17
I am the Executive Headteacher of an inner-city Bradford school that has been working with Mr Atkinson for a year. Having recently observed a lesson I found that: throughout the lesson, the pupils were challenged to complete a range of different tasks, ranging from basic skills work (i.e. scales) through to performing longer pieces. At each stage of the lesson pupils were well supported and were encouraged to try and tackle any tricky aspects before being modelled by Mr Atkinson. This process of moving from ‘having a go’ to having work modelled is clearly building up pupil’s confidence and leads to them tackling independent pieces without fear.Within the session there is a good mix of prior and new learning. Pupils demonstrated that they are making good progress in basic skills and are growing in confidence with work on scales. Mr Atkinson prompts and praises pupils well whilst subtly building up their subject knowledge by questioning them on the correct terminology e.g. key signature. The resources used in the session are appropriate and scaffold new learning effectively i.e. scales sheet as a reminder. This encourages pupils to take risks as there are a range of devices employed to support them if they become stuck.The relationship between Mr Atkinson and pupils is strong. Pupils responded well to any comments or suggestions, and enjoy the humour and praise that is adopted to encourage them. Within the session they make strong progress due to the clear sequence that moved from supported to independent. A highly challenging final piece of music meant that pupils were becoming ‘stuck’ but they showed lots of perseverance in moving forward and clearly wants to succeed.
Janet LancasterJanet Lancaster
14:57 31 May 16
The lesson seems to just fly by as I grapple with the learning and Jim demonstrates, encourages, explains, praises and teaches. I don’t want to be a concert pianist but I do want to learn to play. My goal is to learn for my own pleasure but to be good at it, and Jim has hit the right notes with that!
Not only does Jim have the patience of a saint, he strikes the perfect balance between formal and informal teaching. Far too many music teachers are focussed purely on Practising Hard to Get Grades with the result that playing piano gets to be a chore; Jim also teaches them how to have fun :)He’s also an amazing blues pianist and all-round Decent Bloke.